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Since 1956 we have been meeting the needs of children in our community. Over the year our projects have included sending children to Kamp Kiwanis, offering college scholarships, horseback riding for the blind, Halloween Window painting contest. honoring those who have reached their 90th birthday and showing appreciation to our nurses.

Last month we offered lunch to all the housekeeping and security personnel at St. John’s Riverside and St. Joseph’s hospitals to honor those working so hard during the Corona Virus pandemic.

When school starts again this fall we will be starting a brand new inter-generational community service project. Our plan is pair up a teenager with a nonagenarian to create a family keepsake memoir. We are currently fundraising for the enrollment fee for the website where the interviews and images will be kept for one year and for the bookbinding materials for the permanent version for the golden ager.

Please help us make this happen. Your gift is much appreciated.


Give Today

We are currently fundraising for school supplies for this fall. Every donation, no matter how modest, matters and will be greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your generous heart.
  • We are currently raising funds for Back To School supplies for this fall. We anticipate there will be more need than usual and are counting on the generosity of our neighbors. Remember that every donation matters, no matter how modest and will be greatly appreciated.
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